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Trishla is a new center of hope for children suffering from cerebral palsy.  The world of Trishla is been running since the year 2005 and trying to give a new life to each individual. Trishla has been providing comprehensive care in the field of pediatric orthopedics & reconstructive surgery.

A World for Cerebral Palsy Children - CP Village

CP village is an initiative to create a better place for people suffering from Cerebral Palsy. In this way, CP children will get an assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, early education and temporary stay of parents all at one place. CP village is a total rehabilitation home so that children with CP can learn to lead normal lives.

Facts About

Cerebral Palsy

Fact 1

Almost 2-3 children suffer from cerebral palsy out of 1000 newborn babies. It is the most common cause of the severe neuromuscular problem in childhood which doesn’t allow their body to do movement and balancing.

Fact 2

If compare globally, around 17 million children are suffering from Cerebral palsy and 3 million alone are in India. This is the reason why Trishla Foundation starts the initiative to help the needy children.

Fact 3

Symptoms of cerebral palsy vary from person to person. Thus, it requires different treatment for different abnormalities. But still, 60 % of children with cerebral palsy have normal IQs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to integrate every child with loco motor disability especially cerebral palsy to the mainstream of society by providing comprehensive rehabilitation care.

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Our Team

All heroes don’t wear caps and masks. Our expert team professionals have helped many children suffering from cerebral palsy in one or many ways throughout and after the treatment.

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Case studies

Every child with cerebral palsy need separate set of rehab program.  More than 80% can walk, in which 20 % need support during ambulation. Every child at trishla has got excellent response in relation to their severity of disability.

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Upcoming Camp

Upcoming Camp

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Helpline Number

Helpline Number

Helpline Number (9455001645/ 8543995562/ 9415014994 IN WORKING HOURS or whatsapp 7379087121 MAIL to trishlafoundationcp@gmail.com to talk / fixing up an appointment with) Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain Chairman Trishla Foundation & Cerebral Palsy Specialist.

Donate Now

Donate Now

Donate and help poor famalies with cerebral palsy children.
FOR DONATION MAIL ON trishlafoundationcp@gmail.com/ whatsapp 7379087121

What is

Cerebral palsy ?

cerebral Palsy is a neuro-motor disorder which affects the muscle tone, movement, balance and motor skills. CP often happens when the brain of a child is damaged before, during and till 2.year of birth. But still many children with minor CP has high IQ, they are active, and proud members of their community


Children With

Orthopedic Problem

Pediatric Disabilities are challenge for medical society. Now with advance medical & surgical intervention, we can save many children from long term disability. In last one decade, team of Trishla have given new lease of life to thousands of children affected with various kinds of orthopedic problems. We help hundreds of children from poor socioeconomic backgrounds to get rid of disability by utilizing latest & proven concept of surgical management.

Activities At Trishla

Trishla Foundation regularly organizes many activities for cerebral palsy affected children & their families with the aim to make them self reliant so that they may lead a normal life in the society. Most of the activities are being planned toward the creation of social space for them, to increase awareness regarding CP in the masses; their right to existence in the society.


Physiotherapy Treatment

Cerebral palsy presents itself in various types and is very difficult to manage. Both physical and mental issues can be managed very well by utilizing the concept of meditation & yoga. This meditation and yoga help in relieving anxiety and relaxing the muscles which help in therapy in turn.

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Changes that Change Lives, Watch the heroic transformation of Children with Cerebral Palsy
If you would like to find out more about how we can help you or if you have any suggestions/queries, please give us a call or drop us an email.
An Overview

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is the term used to define most common neuromotor disorder of childhood that occurs due to damage in the developing brain in utero, infancy or in early childhood up to 3 year age, and after that it permanently affects body movement and causes lack of muscle coordination. Brain lesion don’t get worse over period of time but physical disability can regress, remain same or may improve with time depending upon treatment intervention. half of these children can have one or more other problem like problem in speech, hearing, vision, convulsion, recurrent infection.


New Techniques

Result of traditional surgery in cerebral palsy is unpredictable, some feel better and some worse following surgery. Now with the advance technique and well planned surgery, child always get good outcome. Well performed surgery on properly selected patient give good result provided the rehabilitation after surgery is carefully managed. surgical intervention is required mostly in spastic variety and planned only after detailed evaluation . Nowadays, we focus more on lever arm correction & aponeurotic release at musculotendinous junction so weakness and recurrence are rare.



Earlier surgery in cerebral palsy was performed in staged manner. but now days all the deformities and affected musculo-tendinous complex are operated in single setting anesthesia (SEMLS) so that child can be saved from repeated surgical intervention. Result is always better if every deformity in the body is corrected simultaneously after detailed evaluation by gait analysis, physical examination and recheck of physical finding during anesthesia which should be followed by well planned physiotherapy & brace. ideally surgery should not delayed too much .

Major causes of Cerebral
Palsy in Children

Cerebral palsy occurs because of brain insult in-utero, during
delivery or after delivery up-to 3 year of age. Major causes
are in-utero infection like toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus
(TORCH Infection), genetic factor, brain structural problem, sever
jaundice, hypoxia in premature & low birth weight baby, infection
and brain trauma.

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