Cerebral Palsy Associated Disorders

Cerebral palsyCerebral palsy is Neuro-motor disorder which occurs because of non-progressive brain lesion. Cerebral palsy is the disorder of posture & movements. But it is often accompanied by other medical problems. Cerebral palsy children may have problems in behavior, vision, hearing, speech, communication, sleep etc. They can also have convulsion, dysphagia, constipation, drooling, mental retardation, impairment of immunity etc. But the presence of cerebral palsy associated disorders or problem & its severity varies from person to person depending upon many factors. These children can have one or more associated problem which should be identified and managed simultaneously.

Drooling and recurrent infection are most common problems followed by convulsions. Convulsion can be found in more than 50% children and most commonly in severely affected children. Convulsion can present in a variety of manner. Every variety of convulsions needs the different set of cerebral palsy treatment and cerebral palsy care plan. Usually, convulsion can be controlled with proper medication and regular follow-up.

Most of these children also have a gastrointestinal problem which includes problem in deglutition, regurgitation, heartburn, indigestion & constipation. All these problems need a change in dietary habit & maintenance of posture & muscle tone. These children can also have growth disturbance. Some children are obese and others are undernourished.

Vision problem in cerebral palsy include squint, cortical blindness, refractive error. This problem can have a great impact on Quality of life in these children. Severity of cognitive impairment can range from mild to severe. Cognitive issues include attention deficit disorder, emotional problem, psychological problem, memory issue & recognition problem.

These children have impairments in immunity so a chance of recurrent infection is very common. Upper & lower respiration tract infection is also very common. It can be life threatening also. 25% children can experience some form of emotional & behavioral problems. Children with intellectual & sever physical disability are more prone to develop a behavioral problem.

Uncontrolled drooling increases the chances of URTI & skin ulcer. Speech problem can occur because of many reasons like tone abnormality, movement disorder or hearing problem are cerebral palsy associated disorders. Mental retardation is also found in more than 40% children. Their intelligence is many times masked by their physical problem and less social interaction.

Important Facts About Cerebral Palsy

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