Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral Palsy treatment

Types of specialists require for a child with Cerebral Palsy:

A multidisciplinary team is required or management of cerebral palsy. These include neuro-pediatrician, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, ophthalmologist, developmental physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, special educator, nutritionist and social worker.

Different types of Treatment Options for Cerebral Palsy:

Physiotherapy for CP children is the main line of treatment. We don’t have an option for it but we have to take help of other types of treatment modalities like botulinum toxin injection or specialized surgical techniques to help the child according to the problem. Specialized Physiotherapy along with judicious use of light wt polypropylene brace & walking aid is the mainstay of treatment. But General physiotherapy does not help. It requires highly advance techniques of physiotherapy.

Stem cell therapy is still in the research phase and is not proven in any part of the world for the treatment of cerebral palsy till now.

Types of medications for treating Cerebral Palsy:

There are no medications for treating cerebral palsy as brain damage cannot be repaired. But medicines are required to treat associated symptoms like epilepsy, constipation, infections, etc.

Type of surgery for Cerebral Palsy:

Neuro & orthopaedic surgery are prescribed for the treatment of spasticity & contracture. Neurosurgery in the form of selective dorsal rhizotomy is advised for control of spasticity. But the selection of ideal indication and proper execution of surgery is required for a good outcome.

Orthopaedic Surgery:

Orthopedic Surgery is required to treat muscle contracture, joint deformity & bony torsion. Muscles in cerebral palsy are weak so muscle surgery is not preferred. Bony surgery is required to treat joint deformity & bony torsion. A tendon transfer is being done to argument weak muscle at certain place especially hands. Muscle surgery in the form of myofascial release is being preferred in place of tenotomy & tendon lengthening. Orthopaedic surgery is required only in spastic & mixed variety with severe deformity and only after 8 years of age except for few conditions.   Routine orthopaedic surgery including tenotomy, tendon lengthening can do lots of harm to these children. Not helpful in severely affected patients. Sometimes ambulatory children become non-ambulatory. All the deformity is being managed in single event anesthesia (SEMLS)

Alternative treatment options for Cerebral Palsy:

YOGA, Sports, training in ADL, homeopathic, ayurvedic treatment are being used for different purposes. Stem cell is also being tried. Lots of research is going on but still under clinical trials.

Treatments for other conditions associated with CP:

Other conditions associated with cerebral palsy are epilepsy, vision problem, hearing problem, behaviour problem, etc.


Antiepileptic medicine under the guidance of neurologists can manage epilepsy.

Vision problem:

Vision problem occurs because of retinopathy of hypoxia, cortical anopia, squint etc.  Early vision stimulation, treatment of squint, refractive error can manage the vision problem up-to some extent.

Speech problem:

Speech therapy help in managing speech problem.

There is no complete cure for cerebral palsy as brain damage can not be repaired. A proper cerebral palsy cure and cerebral palsy treatment can manage the CP problem in the children, focuses on rehabilitation of child up to their maximum potential and limiting their disability. The goal is to allow these children to live happily with least impact of the CP disability. This concept of CP treatment help to manage the problem in Children and provide physical strength, ability to work, prevent daily routine difficulties and help to improve their quality of life. The treatment plan of cerebral palsy is based on multiple factors including age of presentation, the severity of disability, associated medical problem etc. In cerebral palsy treatment, specialist helps these children to improve the physical, functional status of Child and quality of life. Regular treatment of CP children from best cerebral palsy specialist or surgeon can improve the condition of children. The best care and support is also required a proper cerebral palsy cure and improvement in the patient.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment Includes

Cerebral Palsy Therapy: Therapy help to improve functional mobility, endurance & flexibility in muscles and physical stamina. therapy in cerebral palsy involves physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy. Physical therapy is a very important part of cerebral palsy treatment and should be continued for a long duration. it includes NDT, SI, Strength training exercise, CIMT activity oriented exercise etc. Strength training exercise helps a lot in these children. children need intensive therapy during the early phase of life, growth spurt and after surgery. Occupational therapy help in the activity of daily life like dressing, brush, bathing, eating, writing, playing etc. Speech-language therapy help to make the correct pronunciation of words and helps to understand verbal languages.

Medicines: Medicine help to control some associated cerebral palsy medical problem in children. an antispasmodic drug are infrequently used for spasticity. anticonvulsant are being used for convulsion but dose has to be titrated according to frequency of convulsion & weight of child. calcium & vitamin D supplement are very important for these children

Cerebral Palsy Surgery: Surgery is required to reduce the stiffness and to manage contracture & bony torsion. surgery is mainly indicated in a spastic & mixed variety of cerebral palsy surgery in cerebral palsy can be orthopedic surgery or Selective dorsal rhizotomy. Orthopedic surgery includes Muscle lengthening by aponeurotic release, Tendon lengthening, Tendon transfer, Arthrodesis, Osteotomy, Tenotomy etc. With the latest research, we do the more bony correction and lesser tendon surgery to maintain muscle power & balance. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy is kind of partial selective neurectomy at nerve root level. it helps in reducing spasticity and stiffness of muscles but some time can cause irreversible weakness in muscle & spinal deformity.

Equipment and devices also use for cerebral palsy treatment. most of the children need a brace, walking aid and other devices which helps them in Activity of daily life. braces, splints, walkers, wheelchairs, special seats, special shoes, standers and many more other equipment help these children with cerebral palsy. use of these devices varies according to the need for particular cerebral palsy affected children.


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