Cerebral Palsy Eating and Feeding Tips

1. Energy expenditure profile of individual with cerebral palsy –

  • Dystonic & Athetoid CP- High energy expenditure
  • Ambulatory spastic CP – medium energy expenditure.
  • Wheel chair bound / non ambulatory – low energy expenditure
  • So calorie consumption is decided on the basis of their energy expenditure.

2. Balanced diet & nutrition

  • Mineral & vitamin rich food specially iron, calcium, Vit D & C, B12, folic acid
  • Sufficient & good quality protein
  • Required amount of carbohydrate & fat according to energy expenditure demands.
  • Fiber in diet
  • Regular exposure to sunlight for 15 minutes
  • Plenty of fluid
  • All type of nutrients

3. Manage and maintain posture during feeds

  • Normalize abnormal tone
  • Adequate seating equipment and techniques to maintain head/trunk aligned and upright – Chin tuck and elongation of the back of the neck in midline neutral position
  • Stable base of support for bottom and trunk, hip symmetrically flexed at around 90°
  • CP chair to support arms and headrest.

4. Stimulate child’s hand in order to stimulate mouth response
5. Provide jaw cheek support and stimulate upper lip closure
6. Feeder should have direct eye contact with the person
7. Keep environment calm and quite while feeding / eating
8. Safety is an issue: give time between two feeds and bolus should be large / small enough to be handled by him/her safely
9. Teach child to move tongue in all directions
10. Sensory modification in texture, taste and temperature should be done according to hypo or hypersensitive child
11. Promote self feeding with help of adaptive equipments as much as possible
12. Always feed in head raised position even in lying child
13. Deal with constipation with

  • Mobility
  • Fluid intake
  • Fibrous diet

14. Maintain dental health

  • Daily brushing specially at night
  • Cleaning after every feed
  • Regular checkups

Important Facts About Cerebral Palsy

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