Cerebral Palsy Symptoms & Diagnosis

It is good to have some knowledge of cerebral palsy condition and also important to know about the symptoms of cerebral palsy. Knowing the cerebral palsy symptoms and signs can ensure immediate therapy for cerebral palsy children. There are some essential things which you need to aware about the symptoms of cerebral palsy. Your awareness about CP will help in proper cerebral palsy diagnosis.

  • Symptoms of CP condition are not same for each and every child. There are four major types of cerebral palsy. A child’s symptoms will define which type of cerebral palsy child have. Spastic cerebral palsy, ataxic, athetotic cerebral palsy and mixed cerebral palsy has. Spastic cerebral palsy is further categorized into different categories like spastic hemiplegia, spastic monoplegia, spastic diplegia, and spastic quadriplegia. These categories of cerebral palsy depending on the limbs affected.
  •  Some of the cerebral palsy cases have mixed symptoms of all three types. Cerebral palsy symptoms include stiffness in muscles, floppy in muscles,
    tremors, asymmetrical gait, foot dragging, drooling, scissors gait, hearing problem, sight impairment and have difficulty in swallowing.
  • Some children with cerebral palsy condition may also suffer from mental retardation problem. This is not seen always on the CP case. In fact, many cerebral palsy children have mental abilities that are normal for their age.
  • Cerebral palsy symptoms does not have set of frame time to appear on the child. Some of the case it may show’s first few days and weeks after birth. In milder conditions, it may appear after one or more years.
  • It can make difficulties in movement. But different cerebral palsy therapy techniques and advanced medical procedures can help children get more potential with better improvement in movement. Most of the time these treatments are miracle for CP patients to become self independent and enjoy live with more joy.
  • Cerebral palsy therapy mostly inspired by physiotherapy treatment or special exercises. Some of therapies patient can perform it easily on their home.

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