Cerebral Palsy Living Style

Cerebral palsy persons have all the right to live a normal living style like every other human being. The only problem with them is their restricted mobility & control of posture with some problem in communication. More than 60% cerebral palsy children have normal IQ. They can be educated, complete professional training & can do all kind of office jobs. They can live a normal life and can enjoy all social, cultural & religious functions. Their quality of life depends upon many factors which include grade of disability, ambulatory capability, associated medical issues, environment, medical facility & job. They can marry & can increase their family. Cerebral palsy living style can be improved by providing good care & proper environmental support-

  • Proper treatment at right age with early intervention
  • Use of walking aid according to their performance level
  • Adaptive equipment according to need like utensils, bathing and dressing undressing, computer & equipments etc.
  • Housing adjustment suiting for them like grab rails
  • Barrier free environment, transportation system and toilets etc. to move around in the society.
  • Family & social support
  • Positive attitude of society
  • Opportunity to work, play, education and bring out their talents
  • A supportive system
  • Encouragement of individual by the collaborative effort of the family and treating the team to utilize their available abilities in everyday routine activities.

Important Facts About Cerebral Palsy

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More than 10,000 children affected with cerebral palsy, orthopedic, pediatric disability, limb deformity and physical disability got the best treatment to become independent. These success stories of cerebral palsy treatment have been covered by different news channels and newspapers. We are sharing a case study of cerebral palsy associated disorders and problems.

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