Cerebral Palsy Care Plan

cerebral palsy care planCerebral palsy children need life time care planning. In this planning involvement of parents & whole family is very important. Coordinal discussion between Parents, therapist incharge, school teacher and treating physician is very important for planning. Parents should know about every medical issue of their child and treating modality so that they can take care of child in routine as well as in emergency. When these children become adult then they should be able to take decision and make their life accordingly but they are affected with intellectual disability then these children need legal guardian to take care of him for whole life.

Cerebral palsy care plan starts from first confirmation of diagnosis or detection of the problem. At this time parents require detail & proper counseling to tackle this situation. When they are prepared for the first visit to rehab center then they should be taught about rehab program & importance of home care plan which includes continuation of therapy at home, proper posture, and training in an activity of daily life including feeding, dressing and toileting. It is also very important to control all associated medical issues with proper physician.

Physical therapy in cerebral palsy children is needed for long duration even till the age of maturity. These children also need regular follow-up with the physical therapist, pediatrician & orthopedic surgeon so that any complication can be picked up at the earliest. Most of the children with cerebral palsy also need assistive devices so that care of these devices is also very important.
Education & professional training is integral part of whole care planning so that they can live nearly independent in future. Education training is as important as physical therapy, it should not be ignored. After sufficient mental maturity these children also need privacy & self-decision space. Children with intellectual disability need legal guardian. Person with cerebral palsy can also take all responsibility of job except in few circumstances. So by giving preference to these individual in office based job, the living condition can be improved to great extent. Medical insurance is also necessity for tackling all medical helps. Social support system should be strong enough.

Important Facts About Cerebral Palsy

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