Cerebral Palsy Myths & Facts

1.  Myth: Everyone with cerebral palsy is mentally retarded.
Fact: approximately 60% of CP persons have normal or even above normal intelligence. Most of the time, their intelligence is masked by problems in speech and communication.

2.  Myth: Everyone with cerebral palsy has a learning disability.
Fact: While some people with CP can have learning disabilities many others with CP do not. They can compete with any difficult exam as other typically growing kids can do

3.  Myth: People with cerebral palsy are being punished for their sins.
Fact: Our disability has a medical or physiological cause.

4.  Myth: People with cerebral palsy should not be employed or cannot do a job
Fact: People with cerebral palsy are very sincere and useful employees for the very fact of their disability, and desire to prove themselves and restricted mobility.

5. Myth: People with cerebral palsy should not be allowed to play physical games because they might get hurt.
Fact: they must be allowed to play physical outdoor games upto their abilities. In fact it improves their will power, function and confidence.

6. Myth: People with cerebral palsy should go to special schools
Fact: Now every government and human right organization stress upon inclusive education means educating these children in mainstream schools. They can be educated in normal schooling with some help and this improves a lot in their overall personality. The children with severe mental handicap should be sent to study in special schools.

7. Myth: People with CP should not be allowed to get married and have kids.
Fact: Many people with CP have gotten married and have had kids. Most people with CP make wonderful loving parents.

8. Myth: People with CP are possessed by evil spirits.
Fact: Nothing possesses us or anybody else. We are simply who we are.

9. Myth: CP is curable by drug or surgery.
Fact: Nothing can cure brain damage. But most of them can be made self-dependent with the right combination of treatment at right age. Therapy is the mainstay of treatment but other latest techniques have an important part to play. Drugs are used only for associated problems like epilepsy.

10. Myth: Cerebral palsy is hereditary.
Fact: Though in some cases the genetic link is there most of the time it is not transferred to the next generation. So it is not a hereditary problem.

11. Myth: Cerebral palsy is contagious.
Fact: Not true. It is not at all transferred from person to person.

12. Myth: Cerebral palsy is progressive.
Fact: The brain damage in cerebral palsy is static and not progressive. Disability can be progressive, regressive or remain static depending upon the quality of rehab & environment.

13. Myth: cerebral palsy is the primary cause of death.
Fact: Cerebral palsy itself never causes any death. Secondary complications can be the cause of death. A nutritional problem, recurrent infection, uncontrolled epilepsy, the cardiopulmonary problem in severely affected patients can be precipitating factor for early death. Ambulatory children can have a normal life as any other person in society.

14. Myth: cerebral palsy occurs because of past sins.
Fact: it is completely wrong. It is a condition occurring because of some insult to immature brain in-utero, at the time birth or till the age of 2 years.

15. Myth: Cerebral palsy person can never be self-dependent.
Fact: With good rehab & medical measures at early age nearly 80% of them can become self-dependent. Sometimes they need the support of walking aid. 60% children with cerebral palsy can have a fully ambulatory life.

16. Myth: Cerebral palsy persons cannot intermingle with society.
Fact: Given the opportunity, these persons have more potential to move, intermingle and become a normal part of society. Most of them want to prove themselves so are not introvert.

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Important Facts About Cerebral Palsy

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