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Ataxic Cerebral Palsy

Ataxic cerebral palsy is a rare variety of cerebral palsy (5-10%). It occurs because of malformation or insult to the cerebellum. In 50% cases, it is an autosomal recessive trait and in others, it is acquired by meningitis & head injury. All the movements are affected by abnormal forces, lack of accuracy & rhythm. A tone in muscle are also very less in these children. Fine & gross motor activity both in upper & lower limbs is disturbed. Ataxia cerebral palsy affects muscle of leg, arm, hand, finger, eye, oral cavity. In this variety, body become very much unstable. Gait is unsteady, jerky & disorganized. Frequent fall is very common and sometimes by mistake, their gait pattern is perceived as they are under the influence of alcohol. Most of the time, they walk in broad gait. Persons in this problem feel very difficult to accomplish any task because of increasing unsteadiness & intention tremor in reaching to complete the task. They always feel difficulty in repetitive & quick movement in right direction. These children can also have a problem in writing, speech & deglutition. An individual can also have scanning speech which contains monotonous voice along with pause & acceleration while talking. Most of the time, accurate diagnosis is delayed until the age of 1.5 to 2 years. It is very difficult to treat this problem. CT Scan & MRI brain is required to look into brain insult. Some time genetic analysis is required to see inheritance. These children can be benefitted by using relaxation exercise, yoga, task-oriented exercise, strength training exercise, speech therapy, occupational therapy & brace. Medicine has a very limited role. Braces are helpful in ambulating these children. Occupational cerebral palsy therapy in required for achieving skills of activity of daily life. Yoga & relaxation exercises help in calming the child which helps in easing up task performance.

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