Cerebral Palsy Children

Cerebral palsy is one the commonest cause of severe physical disability in children. In the world, nearly 15 million and in India 3 million children are affected with this problem. Nearly 1.5 to 3 of every 1000 live births can be affected with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is disorder of movement & posture and often accompanied with problem in sensation, perception, cognition, communication, behavior, speech & seizure. Suspicion of cerebral palsy can be made in very early age of life. This suspicion can be made with the history of high risk birth, low birth weight & premature delivery, abnormal social & motor response. Cerebral palsy children are usually delayed in achieving milestones. They can also have lots of other associated medical problem. Cerebral palsy children have a problem in crawling, standing & walking. These children need intensive therapy at very early age and when they get sufficient progress then they need maintenance therapy for long duration.  These children some time also denied their right to get admission in main stream school, intermingle with normal children & participation in all social activity, sports. These cerebral palsy children can do much better in the study because they are confined to indoor with less outdoor activity.

Important Facts About Cerebral Palsy