Future Planning


  1. Establishment of sub-centers in various parts of the country for fulfillment of the our goals.
  2. Development of educational institution for physically, mentally & socially deprived children.
  3. Development of institute & training centers for providing best facilities for management and training, degree and diploma for medical and paramedical manpower in various fields of health.
  4. Establishment of CP village.


our mission is to integrate every child with locomotor disability especially cerebral palsy to the main stream of society by providing comprehensive rehabilitation care 


  1. To provide medical, financial, rehabilitation help, upliftment and welfare of children and geriatric patients from lower socioeconomic society.
  2. Management of various kinds of childhood disabilities like cerebral palsy, congenital and acquired musculoskeletal anomalies.
  3. Provision of medical and surgical facilities for children suffering from any kind of acute and chronic illnesses.
  4. Development of temporary shelter home (CP home) for parents coming from far flung places.
  5. Development of world class rehabilitation center.
  6. Establishment of sub-centers for rehabilitation of children affected with cerebral palsy and other physical disability in various parts of country.
  7. Organizing free check up camps, CME, workshop, conferences and training programs.
  8. Sensitization of parents, society, and government authority regarding need and social integration of children with any kind of disability.
  9. Development of integrated educational institute for physically and socially deprived children.
  10. Providing occupational training and rehabilitation of children with special need.
  11. Training of manpower in the field of rehabilitation.
  12. Development of training institutes for certified courses in the field of rehabilitation.
  13. Research work on newer concept in the field of rehabilitation.
  14. Making MOUs with other organization for professional exchange, research, educational services and exchange of information.


  1. Create awareness about management and early diagnosis of cerebral palsy through awareness camps cum CMEs2.
  2. Providing treatment to children from poorest class society with minimal cost.
  3. Training of physiotherapist, speech therapist, special educators, orthotics specifically for cerebral palsy.
  4. Training of parents in therapy of their child and solving the problem of activities of daily living.
  5. Organizing events like conferences, workshops, seminars for awareness and training to all concern like therapist, social workers, parents etc.
  6. Development of a world class rehab center having advanced equipments, gait lab and other labs, and facilities for advanced therapeutic techniques including hydrotherapy and horse riding.
  7. Development of an institution for training and research in the field of physical disability.
  8. Development of school and recreation center for children with special need.

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Upcoming Camps

1st December 2019, National Symposia at Allahabad,
7th December Saturday, Bharatpur, Rajasthan
8th December, Sunday, Kota, Rajasthan


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