Diplegia Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Diplegia spastic is one of the types of spastic cerebral palsy. In this form of Diplegia spastic cerebral palsy either lower part or Upper part of the body affects. Similar to other cerebral palsy condition it is also caused due to some injuries or damages in the brain.  In several cases, it is difficult to know that when these damages may occur, before or during the birth of a child.
However, there are conditions in which cerebral palsy is gotten after birth in view of medicinal misbehavior during the delivery of child work. In most of the cases, diplegia spastic cerebral palsy occurs due to lack of oxygen, infection of the mother to child during pregnancy and other injuries in the brain for example Hematoma, which happens during complication during delivery.
Parent of CP child can consult with the specialist and can take action for better cerebral palsy treatment and also consult with a legal advisor to be compensated for medical costs when the condition occurs in a child due to medical malpractice.
Symptoms of Diplegia Spastic Cerebral Palsy
There are many symptoms for CP which varies from child to child and depends upon the condition of the child. But still, there are few common cerebral palsy symptoms which are seen in CP patients for example muscle tone become rigid. This condition is known as the hypertonia and it affects on the upper as well as lower limbs of body Including hand and legs.
A CP child may show the following diplegia spastic cerebral palsy symptoms:
  • Unable to Control Muscles Strain
  • Lack of motions in Joints
  • Muscles become rigid
  • Child prefer to shit in ‘W’ position
  • Problem in speaking, crawling and walking
  • Poor control of bladder
  • Delay in physical development
If any child shows any of the signs and symptoms mentioned as above then need a consult with the physician. There are few test and scans such as MRI, EEG and CT scans will help to diagnosis cerebral palsy.
Options for Cerebral Palsy Treatment
Spastic diplegia cerebral palsy does not have any complete cure but the management in the condition of spastic CP is possible after some common treatments in patients.
  • Physical therapy helps to make their muscles flexible and increase the range of movement or motions.
  • Botulinum toxin medication helps to reduce the spasticity from muscle.
  • Cerebral palsy surgery is also a suggested option for muscle spasticity control
  • Advanced technologies help individually for their mobility for example wheelchair.
These cerebral palsy treatments are not only helpful in spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. It is also helpful in spastic hemiplegia, spastic triplegia, spastic monoplegia and other CP.
Does Your Child is Suffer From Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy?
If your child is suffering from such problem and you are looking for the best cerebral palsy treatment or if you have any query regarding cerebral palsy, orthopedic and other similar disability problem then contact us.



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