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Cerebral Palsy Malawi Girl Case Story

Cerebral PlasyWhen an ailing girl from Malawi, Shrerry M Gunga, came to India in August this year, 2017, she was not able to speak or walk a single step. On the occasion of International Day of persons with disabilities on Sunday, the seven-year-old cerebral palsy Malawi girl, who is currently undergoing treatment for cerebral palsy in the Allahabad city, surprised everyone. After she walked a few meters with the help of walker in front of hundreds of people and even called her parents “mama” and “papa”.
Her father Peter N Gunga said that his daughter arrived in Allahabad in August with no ability to walk or stand without any speech. “We are so happy that our child is recovering and hope that the girl would get a new lease on life once she recovers completely,” he said.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain, who is treating the girl, said Sherry is suffering from cerebral palsy and not able to sit, crawl, walk and speak since birth. Her foot deformed. Perception of sensation on the body was very poor. She even did not respond to any stimuli.

The girl initially underwent cerebral palsy surgery in her left foot. It was followed by multi-model cerebral palsy therapy to stimulate her body along with physical training and speech therapy. She is also undergoing therapy twice a day. Her parents were also working for 4 to 6 hours a day with the guidance of a team of doctors. After four months she started responding to stimuli. She started speaking a few words. She is now able to walk a few meter with the help of a walker. It was a miraculous response, Dr. Jitendra said.

The whole story cover by News/media and content sources goes to Times of India Allahabad. There are many more successful case studies of cerebral palsy at this foundation. If you have any query related to cerebral palsy, orthopedic and other physical disability problem then feel free to contact Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain via email jjain999@gmail.com


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