What is the best treatment for Mild cerebral palsy?

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What is the best treatment for Mild cerebral palsy?

Mild cerebral palsy means child is able to walk and do his or her own activity with little limitation. These children belong to GMFCS class 1 & 2. These children can walk independent in house but in community they may need some walking aid. At very initial stage most of the time these children are diagnosed as having delayed milestone. Most of the time, their one or two limbs are affected. So they are known as Hemiplegic and Diplegic spastic cerebral palsy. Most of them are spastic variety. They need intensive therapy initially for few months in the form of strength training, pelvic balancing and gait training. These children also need brace in the form of AFOs and gaiter for initial years till their foot ligaments and joint capsule become stronger and have good balance. When these children get good balance and walking capability they have to continue on maintenance therapy which include strength training exercise, training in higher activity, Gym. Calcium and vitamin D supplements are also needed for these children. Oral Medicines have no role in management of these children. Schooling in main stream school and training in ADL should be started at earliest to get good outcome. With age they may have some issue which can easily be resolved with yoga and general exercises. But we should have careful watch and monitoring of progress in these children.

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