Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral Palsy treatmentThere are no cure for cerebral palsy as brain damage can not be repaired, but treatment in cerebral palsy is focus on rehabilitation of child upto their maximum potential and limiting their disability. goal is to allow these children to live happily with least impact of disability. These concept of CP treatment help to manage problem in Children and provide physical strength, ability to work, prevent from daily routine difficulties and help to improve their quality of life. Treatment plan in cerebral palsy is based on multiple factor including age of presentation, severity of disability, associated medical problem etc. In cerebral palsy treatment, specialist helps these children to improve the physical, functional status of Child and quality of life. Regular treatment of CP children from best cerebral palsy specialist or surgeon can improve the condition of children.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment Includes

Cerebral palsy therapy : Therapy help to improve functional mobility, endurance & flexibility in muscles and physical stamina. therapy in cerebral palsy involves physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language therapy. Physical therapy is an very important part in cerebral palsy treatment and should be continued for long duration. it include NDT, SI, Strength training exercise, CIMT activity oriented exercise etc. Strength training exercise helps lot in these children. children need intensive therapy during early phase of life, growth spurt and after surgery. Occupational therapy help in activity of daily life like dressing, brush, bathing, eating, writing, playing etc. Speech language therapy help to make correct pronunciation of words and helps to understand verbal languages.

Medicines: medicine help to control some of the associated medical problem of cerebral palsy. Baclofen, Diazepam etc. are an antispasmodic drug are infrequently used for spasticity. anticonvulsant are being used for convulsion but dose has to be titrated according to frequency of convulsion & weight of child. calcium & vitamin D supplement are very important for these children

Cerebral palsy surgery: surgery is required to reduce the stiffness and to manage contracture & bony torsion. surgery is mainly indicated in spastic & mixed variety of cerebral palsy surgery in cerebral palsy can be orthopedic surgery or Selective dorsal rhizotomy. Orthopedic surgery include Muscle lengthening by aponeurotic release, Tendon lengthening, Tendon transfer, Arthrodesis, Osteotomy, Tenotomy etc. With latest research, we do more bony correction and lesser tendon surgery to maintain muscle power & balance. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy is kind of partial selective neurectomy at nerve root level. it helps in reducing spasticity and stiffness of muscles but some time can cause irreversible weakness in muscle & spinal deformity.

Equipment and devices also use for cerebral palsy treatment. most of the children need brace, walking aid and other devices which helps them in Activity of daily life. braces, splints, walkers, wheelchairs, special seats, special shoes, standers and many more other equipment help these children with cerebral palsy . use of these devices are varies according to the need of particular cerebral palsy affected children.