Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy

A New Type of Treatment for Children with Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Overview At the point when medical conditions interfere with everyday routine, Physiotherapy can help patients to beat difficulties. Physiotherapy utilizes back rub, works out, and other physical exercises to oversee torment, encourage development, increment work and avert future difficulties. Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy help’s to expand one’s quality, adaptability, engine improvement, and portability. Physical therapy […]

child physical disability

Child physical disability : Trishla Foundation

What is a Child physical disability? Child Physical disability may influence, either incidentally or for all time, an individual’s physical limit as well as versatility. While there are tests accessible for some physical disability, they are regularly analyzed through perceptions of an individual’s advancement, conduct, and physical abilities. There are many distinctive reasons for physical […]


Single‐event multilevel surgery for children with Cerebral Palsy(SEMLS cerebral palsy)

WHAT IS SEMLS CEREBRAL PALSY? SEMLS is a method,  on lower furthest points like the hips, knees, ankles or feet. SEMLS’s called “single-event multilevel surgery” because various amendments for existing delicate tissue and bone issues are done in one orthopedic medical procedure. SEMLS more often than not results in less medical procedures in general and […]

Easy Steps for Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

If your family doctor or pediatrician presumes your child has cerebral palsy, and the doctor will evaluate your child’s signs and symptoms, review your child’s medical history, and conduct a physical evaluation. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist trained neurologist in treating children with brain and nervous system conditions. Your doctor will also […]

Congenital Bone Deformity

Congenital Bone Deformity

What is Congenital Bone Deformity and how should we prevent its occurrence? Birth defects, or Congenital Bone deformity, or genetic disorder, are some of the words that strike like the last nail in the coffin for the future of a newborn. Words no parents should ever have to hear, or no doctor should ever have […]

Children Orthopedic Problem

Children Orthopedic Problem

Children Orthopedic Problem is normal. They can be innate, formative or gained, including those of irresistible, neuromuscular, healthful, neoplastic and psychogenic root. A portion of the more typical children orthopedic problem issue incorporates those of the territories underneath. Foot Toes Legs Knee Hip Spine Neck Shoulder Elbow Wrist Hand and fingers Generalized issue Some Normal […]

cerebral palsy botulinum toxin

Cerebral Palsy Botulinum Toxin, or Botox

Envision seeing your youngster with Cerebral Palsy raise his arm out of the blue, convey foodstuffs, or walk. Specialists report that Cerebral Palsy botulinum toxin can give you that. In any case, the medication got from microscopic organisms that cause botulism, likewise has genuine reactions. Among them, demise. How does Botox work in Cerebral Palsy […]

Cerebral Palsy Therapy

Types of Cerebral Palsy Therapy

Types of Cerebral Palsy Therapy Children with cerebral palsy have diverse necessities. There are so many types of Cerebral Palsy therapy. A few kids have issues with engine abilities and spasticity, yet by and large get things before long. Others have a full scope of issues from engine aptitudes to respiratory and esophageal issues. Since […]

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral Palsy Treatment Cerebral Palsy Treatment can be unpredictable, tending to a wide scope of individual symptoms and conditions. Thus, specialists and therapeutic masters from numerous orders cooperate enhancing results for kids with CP. Early intercession and treatment have the best positive effect. Unfortunately, a remedy for cerebral palsy (C.P) isn’t yet accessible; in any […]

cerebral palsy rehab


CEREBRAL PALSY REHAB- WHAT TREATMENT WORKS BEST FOR CP? Looking Cerebral Palsy Rehab? Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological disorder, related to loss of body development and hampering of the muscle coordination. CP, for the most part, influences kids at their earliest stages yet some may secure later amid initial 3-5 years of tyke’s age […]

Cerebral Palsy Surgery

Advantages of Cerebral Palsy Surgery for Patients

Advantages of Cerebral Palsy Surgery for Patients As a feature of a complete treatment plan, the medical procedure can help enhance a cerebral palsy patient’s free portability and bolster healthy physical advancement. Orthopedic medical procedure on the legs, feet, lower legs, arms, and wrists prompts better stance and control for a few patients, revising arrangement […]

cerebral palsy

National symposium For Cerebral Palsy On 18th November at Allahabad India

National symposium on life time care of children with cerebral palsy for parents on 18th November at Allahabad, UP. 1. Learn how to develop writing skill in children with cerebral palsy 2. Emergency management & tip for good care in epilepsy 3. Preparation of child for main stream school 4. How to take benefit of […]

Stem Cell

Stem Cell in Management of Children With Cerebral Palsy

Stem Cell in Management of Children With Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy is a condition which affects not only a person but the whole family for lifelong. The family wants a cure at any cost they can afford. But we know that brain damage is permanent and cannot be cured with the present techniques available. People […]

Cerebral Palsy Medications

Medicines require for cerebral palsy treatment – Cerebral Palsy Medications

Medicines require for cerebral palsy treatment – Cerebral Palsy Medications Medicine have very little role in the management of cerebral palsy. Associated medical issues require drugs or cerebral palsy medications to control them. Baclofen is being prescribed for control of spasticity but in long term it has very limited role with doubtful results. It can […]

cerebral palsy genetic problem

Is cerebral palsy genetic problem?

Is cerebral palsy genetic problem? Cerebral palsy can occur because of many reasons. It can be attributed to wide number of intrauterine, perinatal and post natal factors which can present as isolated single factor or some time combination of many risk factors. Premature delivery, low birth weight, birth asphyxia, maternal infection, multiple gestations, and ischemic […]