Cerebral Palsy Medications

Medicines require for cerebral palsy treatment – Cerebral Palsy Medications

Medicine have very little role in the management of cerebral palsy. Associated medical issues require drugs or cerebral palsy medications to control them. Baclofen is being prescribed for control of spasticity but in long term it has very limited role with doubtful results. It can be used in post operative period and intrathecally for control of spasticity and dystonia. Gabapentine also have some role in dystonic and Dyskinetic cerebral palsy. But it should be used with caution and with medical practitioner advice. Dose has to be titrated. Trihexyphenidyl (Pacitan) is being used for control of dribbling of saliva. Calcium and vitamin D supplements are also required to maintain bone health and to treat vit D deficiency. Some children can have hypothyroidism so affected children with hypothyroidism may need thyroxin supplements. Epilepsy need anti epileptic treatment. Parents had to consult neurologist for proper antiepileptic medicine and their dose. Dose of antiepileptic drugs has to be titrated according to weight, age, severity and type of epilepsy. Antiepileptic drugs should not be stop abruptly and need to continue for long duration. Vitamin D supplements are very important in children who take antiepileptic treatment. Some of homeopathic medicine is also very useful in management of associated medical issues.

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