CP with scissor gaints what is the treatment available and cost and time involved  


kiran kumar botu
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17/06/2017 12:47 pm  

I have twin baby girls born on 25.11.2012 and both the babies are not able to stand, walk and talk till date. I have also preserved the stem cells of my twins. Their both legs are scissor gaints. I am requesting you to provide best treatment for my twin girls. What is procedure followed for taking appointment in your foundation?

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21/07/2017 2:44 am  

stem cell is still under research and till now it is not approved by international authorities. these children require good quality of advance therapy . these children if managed at early age with good therapy modality then they can improve a lots.  till now we have managed more than 10000 children with cerebral palsy with excellent outcome but require hard work by parents as well. parents should learn and trained in all therapeutic modality required by child. you can fix appointment by giving call to mr vaibhav shukla on 9935102728.