Cerebral Palsy Sleeping Disorder

Cerebral palsy persons are very often having disturbed and irregular sleep pattern. There are many reasons for cerebral palsy sleeping disorder are given as below:

  • Abnormal movement pattern
  • Body ache & joints pain
  • Spasticity / rigidity
  • Gastro-intestinal reflux disorder
  • Drooling & skin ulcer
  • Disturbance of biological clocks- very irregular sleep pattern, day time sleep but awakening in night.
  • Because of lower or upper respiratory tract infection
  • Noise, light, music can be disturbing
  • Anxiety because of their physical condition and daily stress of routine life
  • Gastrointestinal disturbance
  • Bad posture
  • Bed wetting

To improve their sleep pattern one has to work on each of these problems.

  • Therapy to maintain normal muscle tone and improve other problems
  • Get them engaged during day time and allow only to sleep at regular time. Slowly it will become a routine
  • Prompt treatment of infections and other associated medical problems. This condition improves a lot when they become mobile.
  • Keep the environment of house calm as much as possible while they sleep.
  • Mothers and caregivers usually know different methods to clam and comfort them like any typically growing child.
  • Drugs should be used only when absolute necessary and with medical advice only.

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Important Facts About Cerebral Palsy