Cerebral Palsy Causes

Cerebral Palsy Causes

Cerebral palsy is a group of nuro motor disorder which occur because of insult to developing the brain in foetus & infant upto 2 years of age. Aetiology for brain insult is identifiable in 50% cases only. In utero, main cerebral palsy causes are genetic issue, metabolic problem, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, maternal diabetes, maternal epilepsy, eclampsia, TORCH infection, drug abuse, placental insufficiency. Pre term delivery & very low birth weight baby are at high risk for brain insult due to immaturity of the brain. Other factors at birth are hypoxia, kernicterus (high bilirubin level in blood), coagulopathy, infection, trauma and hypoglycaemia. Multiple pregnancy & breech presentation also increase the risk of getting brain insult. Brain insult in the early age of life occurs because of infection & trauma. Earlier, most of the premature & very low birth weight baby could not survive but with an advancement of medical care & NCU facility, most of these children are now surviving at the cost of getting 15 times more chance of cerebral palsy. Maternal health is also one of the important factors which affect the growth of foetus in-utero. Multiple factors can increase the chance of getting cerebral palsy many fold.

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